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Temporary Fencing, Economical, Environment                                                                    Friendly. Suitable for Construction / Civil Sites,                                                                 Events, Swimming Pools etc.

Temporary fencing panels are available in four                                                                   lengths , 2.3m, 2.65, 3m and 3.6m long with all length                                                         panels having an effective height of 2m.

2.3m long panels are convenient for transporting to site and provide greater flexibility on difficult sites. Other panels are a more economical option for larger sites or for longer runs of temporary fencing.

Panels are manufactured from 25NB hot dipped galvanised pipe and are clad with pre-galvanised weldmesh with a 60mm by 160mm aperture.


Panel clamps are a simple one bolt fixture that is fitted to the top of the panels after installation of the panels into the concrete blocks.

Once clamped together, a secure compound is formed.

Gates - Easily formed to suit with special clamps provided.

Fence Brace - available to secure long runs.


Concrete or Rubber Blocks (34kg and 25kg)
Concrete blocks are supplied with six holes as standard to provide for flexible installation on all sites.

The weight of the concrete block is clearly marked for OHS purposes, and there is a recess at each end of the concrete block for easier handling.


Gate support wheel kits are a convenient way of providing fully functional gateways into your site.

They eliminate panels dragging on the ground and possible damage to existing surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

Each support wheel kit comprises one wheel assembly, one top panel hinge and two wheel assembly clamps.


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